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Highly Favored Hemp & CBD was founded after the owner experienced many years of pain from an auto-immune disorder, with very little relief from the thousands of dollars spent on prescription drugs and Opioids. After discovering Hemp and the many benefits of CBD, she decided to consult with her physician to rid herself of prescription drugs and take a natural approach to her healing. The feeling of being FREE from pain and discomfort led her to share that feeling with the world, so she became a Licensed Hemp Processor. Seeing the process of the hemp flower from seed to extraction, and knowing all of the healing properties in it birthed Highly Favored Hemp & CBD. She expertly curates the products so that the consumption of CBD can effectively help people around the world find balance and enjoyment in the simple things in life.


Highly Favored Hemp & CBD is a lifestyle brand that normalizes the use of Hemp CBD for everyday use with our premium flowers, delectable edibles, and health and beauty products for everyone.